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Here at Phone Clinic Tuscaloosa, we are able to repair any of your devices. We specialize in Phone Repair services, Screen Repair services and Cell phone repair. And Tuscaloosa wireless devices. We are able to fix your iPhone Screen , Your Samsung screen and much much more. We have computer repair services too. Phone Clinic will help you get you back on your feet.

About Us

Original parts

Here at phone clinic Tuscaloosa, we used certified original parts for your iPhone and Samsung devices. We believe in true transparency with the customer that means you will know exactly what parts go in your phone repair.

Certified Warranty

We are so confident in our ability to repair your phones to last we offer a 30 day warranty on our parts and labor for non-waterdamaged devices.

Micro soldering

Our goal is to be able to fix all your phone repair problems in one place, that is why we had adopted micro soldering to our location to fix motherboard issues and all types of different devices

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